(Delivery or Pick Up)
Every Wednesday night, we are making home-cooked meals for pick up or delivery. Please contact Jo at 651-274-2145 if you would like a meal. Please give your name, phone number, any food allergies you may have and how many meals you need. 
Pick ups are made through the doors on the West end of the church. No need to get out of your car, we will bring it to you. 
Zoom Bible Study – Ongoing
Email the church to sign up!
“How to Follow the Sermon on the Mount
Without Becoming a Wimp”

Join this unique Bible Study to learn seven powerful tools for living peacefully found in the Sermon on the Mount.  Create meaningful relationships by changing conflict from a contest to a joint effort. See the Sermon on the Mount not as unattainable proscriptions about behavior, but as a radical new road map for living in community.

Marilyn McKnight and Steve Erickson, professional mediators at Erickson Mediation Institute, will present a Bible Study four Tuesdays starting on May 12th  at 2:00 pm.  These one hour zoom meetings will examine the Sermon on the Mount from their perspective as professional mediators who have used the message as a framework for their teaching conflict resolution skills and for use in their mediation work.
If you would like to join this group, please email the church at