Ministry Teams

“We are a growing group of people gathered by Union Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, pursuing justice and healing, and proudly affirming and celebrating that sacred love is inclusive of all people and all creation.”

We therefore commit to:

  • supporting the well-being of our diverse community.
  • acknowledging that we occupy land where other nations have lived and thrived, and striving to be allies of our Anishinaabe neighbors.
  • creating a welcoming and affirming community for our LGBTQ+ neighbors.
  • taking regenerative care of our environment, particularly protecting the quality of our water and forest habitats.
Congregational Life
“Connecting people.” We minister to people within the church, caring for member of all ages. Congregational life communicates to the congregation about the congregation.
We keep track of baptisms, weddings, and funerals.
We are also responsible for keeping the church directory up to date.
Gatherings where men can connect on what they are interested in. Men’s Fellowship has covered topics like:
  • Environmentalism
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar energy
  • and more…
The first Tuesday of each month, the Men’s Fellowship meet at 9:00am in the church’s Friendship Hall. 
Fellowship meetings are open to all people regardless of gender presentation. 
Gatherings where women can connect to share lives, concerns, and space with other women.
The second Thursday of each month, the Women’s Fellowship meet for snacks at 1:00pm in the church’s Friendship Hall.
Fellowship meetings are open to all people regardless of gender presentation.
Worship Team
A small team that plans regular and special worship services. They work together to create impactful services to celebrate and grow spiritually through worship seasons like Advent and Lent.
They are also vital to communion services and coordinating outside the church for special services including the wider community.
Adult Learning
We hope to meet the needs for both adult learners who connect with God intellectually and those who connect with God emotionally.
Youth and Family
Supporting wider community events by creating activities for children and their families. We have a special focus in summer and fall events that teach, entertain, and help grow the area’s youth.
No weekly events or meetings at this time.