COVID-19 Questions and Answers
Are we gathering on Sundays?
We are gathering spiritually and remotely for worship over Facebook. Services are being streamed live from the sanctuary, but we are not meeting physically. You can tune in to our services on our Facebook page at 9:30AM every Sunday.
Pastor Torri is also telling weekly stories on our Facebook page every Wednesday at 4:00PM.
Go to our Facebook page by clicking HERE.
Where do I get updates?
We regularly update our Facebook page and our website with new information. You may also call or email the church with any questions.
Phone: (218) 507-1905
Where do I get meals?
Community Meals are ongoing throughout May, but have taken a new direction for the safety of everyone involved. For more information, and information on other meal resources in the area, please click the link below.
What about ministry programs?
We are in process of updating all ministry information to reflect the current times.
Is the office open?
No one is regularly in the office at this time. If you need to access the church, please call ahead and someone will let you in. You may call the church’s cell phone at (218) 507-1905.
How do I give?
We have a brand new PayPal donate button on our Donation Page! This is great if you want to give us a one-time donation.
For continued giving, please mail a check to:
Union Congregational
United Church of Christ
ATTN: Don Hoppe
PO Box 10
Hackensack, MN, 56452
Or, send us an email at if you would like to set up a regular direct deposit.
What if I have a prayer request?
We have a new prayer request form that can be found on our Contact Page HERE. Any request submitted in the form will be sent to Pastor Torri.
What if there’s an emergency?
Please call the church at (218) 507-1905 which will be forwarded to the pastor.